Eggless Spicy Buns made with Pizza Dough

spicy pizza dough buns

I don’t know whether I can call this dish a bun, but it was inspired by Shilpa’s Spicy Stuffed Potato Buns. Maybe we can also name it as Stuffed Pizza, Indian Style. It’s very simple to make and is delicious. I wanted to try Shilpa’s recipe, but I doubted whether I could handle the yeast action and stickiness. I know I have to take a daring step to bake breads and buns. But I’m gonna postpone it for later. Suddenly an idea flashed, why not try baking it using refrigerated pizza dough. Last week I got two of those, one of which I used for the Twirly Whirly Pizza. I had another recipe in mind for the 2nd packet, but I wanted to try this one.  

Stage 1:
Pre-heat the oven at 400F (200C).

Stage 2:
Prepare any type of stuffing you want. I cooked Shilpa’s onion masala.

onion masala

Stage 3:
Flour the work area and unroll the dough. Also flour a rolling pin and roll the dough once to reduce the thickness of the dough. Be very careful to maintain the rectangular shape, otherwise you will be having a hard time like me. (See My Notes section)

Stage 4:
Take a medium size round shape cookie cutter and cut circles from the dough.

cut the pizza dough into circles

Stage 5:
Place a spoonful of the masala on one circle and close it with another. Do likewise for the remaining also.

Stage 6:
Place all the stuffed buns on a greased pan, brush the buns with oil and bake it for 20 min or until the tops are golden brown. Enjoy it with a cup of hot tea!

spicy pizza buns

My Notes:

1. When I unrolled the pizza dough there was a hole in the middle of the rectangle, so I just cut out 2 circles and then made the mistake of kneading the dough into one big ball, thinking that it will be easy to handle. I thought that I can just pinch small balls of dough, roll them and cut out perfect circles. What was I thinking? I pinched a golf ball size of dough and started rolling it, but I was not able to roll them into proper shape at all. I lost my patience and just wanted to get my hands off the dough. Now you can understand why 5 out of the 6 buns are in some odd shapes like amoeba. So try to maintain the rectangular shape of the dough and quickly cut as many circles as possible.

2. As I say always, try with 1 bun first. By this you can get an idea of the baking time, thickness of the dough etc.

3. I set the oven at 400F, because Shilpa’s recipe calls for that temperature for the spicy potato buns. I think 425 F should also work fine.

4. The buns were not soft and fluffy as you would imagine a bun to be (I guess it’s either the pizza dough or I should have made the circles thinner), but it was very very tasty. Give it a try. Don’t get mislead by the shapes.

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  1. sweta

    I strictly follow your site for eggless baking. Can you pls post eggless sweet bun recipe.

    • Madhuram

      Sure Sweta. I too have been thinking about trying it.

  2. SS

    Madhuram, I reely, really enjoy your website and have made many a recipes from here and also referred your website to friends.

    In Bangalore the bakeries have a ‘Palya bun’ (Palya meaning masala or dry curry of any kind – typically they stuff it with Potato palya). I have made these using pre-made Whole wheat bread dough or regular bread dough from the refrigerator section of regular grocery stores. Keep the roll as is and cut circular disks (fairly thick slices). Cut through each disk but do not cut through all the way. Open each disk(like an oyster shell) and spoon your stuffing into the middle and close and seal the ends by pressing the edges. Enjoy healthy hot savory buns!!! Whole wheat and all!!!

    • Madhuram

      Thanks for your compliments SS. Yes I too have seen those buns. Using bread dough should be better than using pizza dough because you can get soft buns. Back when I posted this recipe I was new to baking and didn’t know about frozen bread dough. Had I knew that I too would have used the bread dough instead of pizza dough. Thanks for sharing your tips here.

  3. Shilpi

    Hello Madhuram, great recipe.. I have tried your recipes, and turned out great..
    But can you please also give out Ingredient list on this recipes.. the two recipes, I checked out and couldn’t find the ingredient list.

    Thank you.

  4. Kim

    The spicy buns look amazing! I’d like to make them this week. I have some Trader Joe’s pizza dough at home. You make the texture sound, though, like more of a flaky biscuit texture. When you’re working the dough, does it seem like normal pizza dough?

    Kim, it was easy to work with.

  5. J V Adavi

    Dear Madhu,

    I want to ask a question. Can you spread tomato sauce on one of the circles of dough, and sprinkle grated cheese on the stuffing, so that the end product will taste more like a regular pizza? Will this affect the baking process in any way? Will the end product turn out soggy?

    Adavi, you could do that too and that’s called pizza pocket.

  6. Sri


    Amazing blog! I am new to the kitchen and world of cooking, so pl excuse me if my questions are silly.

    This particular recipe looks delicious but am not sure what you mean by pre-heat the oven to a certain temprature. What kind of an oven would be required? Any tips on selecting the right equipment for novices like me?

    Welcome to my blog Sri. Don’t feel bad about asking questions. I’ll answer to the best of my knowledge.

    The oven is preheated to bring the oven’s temperature to the required temperature for baking a particular item. The temperature will vary according to the recipe and will be mentioned. So first you would have to switch on the oven to the particular temperature (for the spicy buns the dial has to be turned to 400F or 200C) for around 15 minutes.

    Here in the US the houses are rented with all appliances, so I did’nt have to buy an oven for myself. So I cannot suggest any particular oven. Sorry about that. If you let me know from which place you are I can see if there are any other food blogger friends and you can contact them.

  7. deepa

    🙁 me hungry. at looks yum! gonna have yogurt.i love cooking and baking, cant wait to get home. South Africa

  8. Madhuram

    Mansi, I also heard about that from my friend. I think Shilpa’s recipe would be as fluffy as the ones you tasted in Hot Breads. This one was not soft, but very tasty. Instead of having a deep fried samosa with tea, this clearly is a healthier choice. And if you let your imagination to work, you can come up with umpteen number of stuffings both sweet and spicy.

  9. Mansi

    A bakery called Hot Breads in dallas used to make these and they were yummy! nice one for an eggless recipe 🙂

  10. Madhuram

    SS, I really wish we were neighbors. Running out of tasters. My mil is also leaving soon, my husband is a picky eater.

  11. SS

    Very Innovative, you should move closer so I can just drop by and be your taster:)

  12. Madhuram

    Sushma, It looks fluffy, but it was not very soft like other buns, but the taste was very good indeed. Try them.

    Cham, Thanks for the info. about calzones. After reading your comment, I checked out what calzones were. Actually I have seen them in pizzeria menus, but did not care to know what they were.

    Siri, Thank you very much. Please visit again.

  13. siri

    The buns look lovely Madhu. Its my first time here and u indeed have a pretty looking blog dear!


  14. Cham

    eggless bun with masala looks spicy. Italian says Calzone (shape is different)may be Indian version calzone Madhu!

  15. sushma

    Hey that fluffy bun with filling looks very nice.