Eggless Vanilla Cake and Cake Decorating Tips

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Eggless Rainbow Cake

This is the picture of the first cake I decorated in Course 1 of Wilton's Cake Decorating Courses. You can see that I need a lot of practice, but I'm sure that it will also give you (beginners) the confidence that it's easy and you can definitely do it.

I have been receiving a couple of mails since my earlier post on cake decoration, requesting me to update more information on how-to's. The hardest part for me now is to give all the necessary information in an organized manner to the followers of this series. I feel that compiling this series is going to be difficult than actually taking the course and decorating the cakes.

I would say that the easiest thing to do is to enroll for the classes if it's nearby your place and if you have the time for it. It's a very nice experience. If not, check They have a lot of pictures, videos and tips etc. The only drawback is it's a lot of information to take and without direction it's difficult to follow. So I'll provide some links here, following the course's pattern. So it would be like you are taking an online class.

What happens in the first day of Course 1? A student manual is handed over to all the students. It has the recipe for Buttercream Icing, information about the tools you will be using, the designs you will be working on in the 1st course and a lot of other stuff. This book is available only for those who are attending the class. Then instructor gives general tips about baking a cake, how to level it, torte it, fill it and frost it. She brings a cake and shows you how it is done. I'm going to do a pictorial post on this topic shortly. Until then watch this video.

So you will not be requiring any materials for the first class, but you will be needing a whole bunch of stuff from the second class onwards. Now is the time for decision making. What are you going to buy? This purely depends on the level of interest you have. Are you going to bake and decorate just 3 cakes in a year or are you thinking of making it a career. If you fall in the first category or cannot decide which, I would suggest you to buy Wilton's Course 1 Student Cake Decorating Kit available in Michael's and other cake decorating supplies stores.

It will have the basic tools you would be requiring to use in Course 1. If you are very serious about cake decorating then go for the 101 Piece Tool Caddy Collection. Actually I bought the set thinking that it will be having the materials for course 2 too, but it didn't. So I had to buy Course 2 kit separately. So I think it's advisable to get the appropriate course kit as and when you are enrolling. Empty tool caddies are available too. So later you can buy that and fill it up with materials you got with the kits.

The Course 1 kit comes with a flower nail no.7, tip brush, standard couplers (2), decorator brush, featherweight decorating bags (2), disposable decorating bag (1), tips 3, 12, 16, 21, 104, 67 and 2D, a small straight spatula and a practice board set.

Now that you have decided what to buy, you would have to bake a cake, torte it, fill it and frost it and take it to the 2nd class. Recipe for eggless buttercream icing. You would be practicing with tips 16, 3 and 2010. Tip 2010 is not included in the kit, so you would have to buy it. In this rainbow cake I have used only tip 16 for the stars (in the rainbow) as well as the clouds.

Check this video to know how to fill a decorating bag:

Watch the following video to see how to work with tip 16 to make stars

Check here to see how to use tip 16 to make clouds.

Check here to see how to transfer the rainbow pattern on the cake.

Medium consistency icing is used for both the stars and clouds. If you decide to get the tips alone, practice on a vegetable cutting board or plastic sheet or an inverted cake pan. Tips 3 and 12 are also used apart from tip 16 in the first class. Check the following links to start using those tips.

Print Writing
Script Writing
Rose Base

Now shall we go to the recipe for eggless vanilla cake I have used here? I think that I have found 2 perfect eggless chocolate cake recipes. One is the eggless chocolate cake with silken tofu and the other one is the vegan chocolate cake using vinegar. I hadn't tried my hands on egg free vanilla/white cake. Now I'm in the search of a perfect recipe for that too. (So if anyone has such a recipe please let me know). Since I was short on time, I decided to bake a vanilla cake using cake mix. I bought an organic cake mix because we can definitely identify all the ingredients in the list unlike the other cake mixes which has a lot of unidentifiable chemical names and sometimes animal fat too. I had a lot of sour yogurt in the fridge, so I used it as egg substitute. I used 3/4th cup of yogurt in place of 3 large eggs.

Eggless Vanilla Cake Recipe

Prep TimeCook TimeMakes
15 Mins25 MinsOne 8-inch Cake & 6 Regular Size Cupcakes.
Eggless Vanilla Cake and Cake Decorating Tips Simple eggless vanilla cake using cake mix.
  • 1 pack Organic Vanilla Cake Mix (I used Organics Biologique 460g)
  • 1/2 cup Milk
  • 3/4 cup Yogurt
  • 2/3 cup Vegetable Oil
  • 1 teaspoon Vanilla Extract
  1. Preheat oven to 350F/180C for metal pans and 325F for dark non-stick pans. Line an 8-inch cake pan and a muffin tin with parchment paper and paper liners.
  2. In a large bowl blend cake mix, yogurt, milk and oil at low speed until moistened.
  3. Beat at medium-high speed for 2 minutes. Scrape bottom and sides of bowl. Continue beating at medium-high speed for 2 minutes. Pour batter into the prepared pans.
  4. Bake according to the instructions give in the pack. Mine was done in 25 minutes. The cupcakes even sooner. Cake is one when toothpick inserted in centre comes out clean.
  5. Cool in pans on rack for 10 minutes. Remove from pans and cool completely before frosting.
  1. The cake came out very good but I felt that it was very sweet. It had a nice airy texture. Since the cake was very sweet, I reduced the quantity of sugar while preparing the buttercream icing. The cake was perfect together with the icing.
  2. Has my search ended for the best egg free vanilla cake? No. This cake was good, especially very easy to put together and simple procedure. Still, I'm going to keep looking.
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  1. Divya Tiwari

    What would be the substitute to Organic Vanilla Cake Mix?

    Divya you could use any cake mix and subsitute yogurt for the eggs. I chose to use organic because the ingredients used is simple, no complicated chemical terms and stuff.

  2. Anamika Duwaragan

    Not bad for the first cake. I love the colours.

    Thanks Anamika.

  3. Susanne

    These recipes look great but my child is also allergic to dairy! No eggs, no milk products. I’m looking for a white cake recipe that does not have any of these ingredients! HELP!

    Hi Susanne, I tried the following white cake recipe which is egg free and dairy free and it did come out good. I have to blog about it yet. Maybe you too can try it. It uses a lot of maple syrup too.

  4. Jasbir

    Thank you so much for sharing. Thats very lovely and noble of you.

  5. Aashi

    Hi Madhu,

    Happy New Year!

    When can you replace eggs with yogurt and when with applesauce while baking and in what proportion? I mean how much yogurt equals how many eggs and how much applesauce equals how many eggs?


    Thanks Aashi, wish you the same. Usually 1/4 cup of substitute is used to replace 1 egg. So it is 1/4 cup yogurt or applesauce or silken tofu per egg depending upon the recipe. Check the tabular column I have given below to know when to use which egg substitute.

  6. akahaya

    Hai madhu
    ur recipes looking really yummy…but can i make these cakes on microwave ❓ 🙄

    Thanks. I do not know Akahaya, because I have not done it so far.

  7. Cilantro

    I went in for my first class today. Thank you again…and for the first time made an eggless coffee banana cake yesterday. I used flax seed powder as substitute.

    That’s great Cilantro. Hope you enjoy the classes as I did.

  8. Vina

    Hi Madhuram
    I am from Mauritius. I have been enjoying those nice eggless recipes, be it snacks, main dishes or desert. The cakes are simply great. Was really happy to learn about those egg replacement possibilities. Thanks to continue sharing those tips and great ideas with us.
    All the best. Vina

    Welcome to my blog Vina.

  9. surekha

    Hi madhuram!
    I have a question…not about this cake.I tried to substitute flax seed meal in my brownie mixture instead of egg.the packet asked for 1 egg.u mentioned to mix flax seed meal with certain amount of water…is it extra water other than the packet mentioned or add this to the amount water mentioned on the packet? i added extra …it is not working.please give me some idea.thanks in advance.

    Surekha, it is in addition to the water mentioned in the pack. Did you use the same brand I have used? As you see in the picture mine turned out fine. What was the problem in the brownies? If you tell that I can think what went wrong?

  10. spice

    looks good…i guess this is the standard pattern at wilton…chutney’s sumathi also had similar cake….thanks for sharing info…

    Yes, it’s standard in all Wilton classes.

  11. Srivalli

    Those look great Madhuram..and I am sure those are some great lessons..thanks for sharing!

  12. payal jain

    hi madhu,
    so finally u joined the wilton classes…lucky u…v dont have any good cake decorating classes here in india…so i will be looking forward for more knowledge about cake decorating from you…all d best!

    Payal, you are already doing an excellent job in cake decorating. Check YouTube and the links I post here. It might be of some help to you.

  13. Bharti

    So cute! Nice work.

  14. jayasri

    Madhu, you are amazing I live UK I don’t know where I can join a cake decorating class here, It is so kind of you to share the classes with tips and instructions to all of us, actually I was waiting for this post not that I would start doing it from today, but, I knew in future if i planned to do it, I know where to look for it.., thanks a ton!!, for give us links too..,
    Last but not least, your cake looks so beautiful, it looks like knit work.., Gorgeous it is truly.., love to see many more cakes like that!!

    Thank you very much Jayasri. Enter your city’s name and cake decorating classes in Google and you should be able to find some info.

  15. Cilantro

    I have already enquired about the course, will try to enroll soon. thanks a ton for the info.

    That’s good Cilantro.

  16. roma

    Madhuram, Thanks for sharing cake decoration tips and also providing interesting links. Your cake looks attractive, very neat work!

    You’re welcome Roma.

  17. Madura

    u’ve a nice collection of recipes. Though i’m following ur blog from a long time this is the first time I’m leaving a comment.
    Being brought up as a vegetarian I haven’t even touched eggs in my life. i’m constantly in search of eggless recipes.

    Have u tried eggless vanilla cake in Lakshmi’s theyumblog.It is fantastic. i just added 2 tsp of cornstarch to the flour. The cake came out really spongy and airy.

    Thanks for the info Madura. Will check that recipe immediately.

  18. Jayasree

    I appreciate your efforts to share the cake decoration ideas with your readers too. Thanks for the links.

    As for your first attempts, it has come out well and is truly an inspiration for first times to take the plunge.

    Thank you very much Jayasree.

  19. Parita

    Wilton Cake Decorating course is my dream, unfortunately in india we donot have such advanced courses or material available, your first cake looks gorgeous and thanks for all the info its very helpful, way to go 🙂

    Parita, you should be able to find some local classes there too.

  20. A&N

    Wow! I also want to do this course. Soon! soon!

  21. soumya

    WAW! Madhu, loot of info.My first cake was also similar to yours the only thing i did was used a white base instead of blue…and Red color in the rainbow i guess u have used the big size star tip.anyway gr8 work.keep going i am following you on this.

  22. P. Vasanthi

    Nice decoration and a very clear photograph. Best wishes

  23. Champa

    Nice cake. I actually didn’t make this cake. Used it for my kid’s birthday the next day and made my own design. For those who are interested, but do not have access to the place where they teach class, there is an online cake decorating class you can take. Just google and you should be able to get the link. The other best option is youtube. There are tons of videos about how to tort the cake, fill, frost and smooth the icing to stacking and making gumpaste flowers.

    Yes Champa, YouTube has a lot of videos, but we have to fish out what we want.

  24. Lavi

    Today I bought the cake decorating bag and few shapes to try. Thanks for the links and video’ gave me some idea.

    Your First cake decoration looks Good! Wish to see more..

    Way to go Lavi.

  25. Happy Cook

    Thankyou for the videos, my sis went for the same course there and she loved it. Wish we had them here too.

    Check YouTube HC, they have a lot of videos.