Mini Chocolate Pizzas for BFB

chocolate pizza

Happy Puthandu and Vishu wishes to all of you! A couple of months back I saw Giada preparing chocolate pizzas in her Food TV show, Everyday Italian.  It looked so delicious that I wanted to try it.  To make the pizza I used the store bought refrigerated pizza dough.  First I thought of cutting a big circle using a plate, then I got an idea of making it into bite sized pizzas, so I used a cookie cutter and cut out 6 small circles.  With the rest of the dough, I tried to form it into one big circle (which was a bit difficult) and baked a regular vegetable pizza.

Click here for the entire list of ingredients and recipe.

chocolate pizza ingredients

Stage 1:
Unroll the pizza dough and cut it into the desired shape.

unroll the pizza dough

Stage 2:
Place it in a lined baking sheet, make indentations throughout the dough and brush it with melted butter.  If you are doing the mini version like mine just bake it for 6-8 minutes at 450 F or until the crust is crisp and golden brown.  If you are making a big one, follow the instructions in the original recipe.

butter the pizza dough

Stage 3:
Remove the sheet from the oven apply nutella immediately and sprinkle the chocolate chips and put it back in the oven just enough for the chocolate to melt, which is about 1 minute.

sprinkle chocolate chips

Stage 4:
Take the pizzas out and sprinkle with hazelnuts and enjoy. It's SIMPLY DELICIOUS! 

mini chocolate pizzas

My Notes:
This is a fun food idea to do with the kids.  This is also a good idea for a "make your own pizza" party, where a pizza bar can be set up with a variety of nut butters, toppings like butterscotch chips, peanut butter chips, vanilla chips etc and different kinds of nuts, sprinkles etc so children can have fun creating their own pizzas.

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  1. Roma

    I am back after a nice little break 🙂

    I am not sure if the Pizza joints sell their dough. I’ll definitely ask them this next time I visit one.

    Pizza base is readily available in supermarkets. May be I can cut them into cookie shaped pieces and directly go to step (3).

    Thanks for your guidance. I am getting to learn lots from you.

  2. Madhuram

    Hi Nela, thanks for stopping by. I’m glad that you like my recipes.

    I buy the Pillsbury refrigerated pizza crust and did check for the ingredients once earlier and again now after reading your comment. It did not mention anything about eggs. Moreover even while preparing pizza dough at home we don’t add eggs, so I think the store bought ones also are made without eggs only. If you happen to know any other information about this, please let me know. Thank You.

  3. Nela

    I love your recipes coz they are eggless. But the store bought pizza dough has eggs in them. Did you check it out?

  4. Madhuram

    Roma, back from your vacation? I think you get pizza base in India, you can use that itself, as long as it’s not topped with cheese. Or if you have any pizza parlors around you can ask for the dough. Here the pizza places sell their dough too. I’m not sure about India.

  5. Roma

    This is an innovative recipe for chocoholics!!

    I dont get Pizza dough around here. I need to learn the recipe of the dough and make it. This dish is worth it!

  6. Madhuram

    Thanks Rachel, Sushma, Arundathi, Kamala, Anjali. It was the first time for me also, but we loved it absolutely. It was nice and warm and gooey.

  7. Anjali J.

    Thats new to me.. pizzas look cute and delicious.

  8. kamala

    Oh chocolate pizza ….looking so cute madhu

  9. Arundathi

    What a great idea!

  10. sushma

    :mrgreen: Thats a lovely step step by instruction and nice combo for pizzas!

  11. rachel

    Ideal for a kids party!

  12. Madhuram

    SS, that’s a lovely comment. Pullarikudhu.

    Cham address kudunga. I’ll Fedex it.

    You’re welcome Holly.

    Thank you very much Dhivya, Sagari, Sandhya, Vaishali, Divya.

    Dee, Mansi that’s a nice idea. We can also top it with a dollop of whipped cream, to give it a gourmet look, I guess.

    Thank you Saradha, Nandita and Kaykat.

  13. Kaykat

    Mmm … chocolate! This is a great idea.

  14. nandita

    That’s a lovely way of converting a pizza into dessert. It looks delicious and easy to make too…this is one pizza kids will love, I’m sure 🙂

  15. Sararda

    My daughter loves Chocolates and Nutella. Will try this one for her. Nice and detailed presentation!

  16. Mansi

    they look cute!! I use puff pastry sheets for these pizzas:) Happy Vishu to you Madhuram!

  17. Dee

    One more gold nugget added to the fantastic collection!! I would love to give it a try topped with strawberries!

  18. DivyA Vikram

    The pizzas look cute madhuram..So creative..Kids would definitely love that..Looks easy to prepare too

  19. Vaishali

    Gosh, Madhuram, these are so adorable. And they look absolutely delicious. The idea of warm, gooey, melting chocolate is making me drool right now.

  20. sandhya

    nice chocolate pizza… looks yumm..

  21. sagari

    those pizzas look delecioussss

  22. dhivya

    Happy tamil new year madhu!!ur posts r always unique!great entry

  23. Holly

    🙂 Thanks so much for participating in the event!


  24. Cham

    Happy Tamil New Year Madhu. Sweet pizza in perefct size 😀 Send me one 😉

  25. SS

    This is like a 3D website(My dear Kutty chatan style or IMAX 3D) I tried to pick one of those 😀