AFAM – Pumpkin Roundup

Good Morning friends! Hope to start this new week with more energy and vigor after the past two weeks’ crazy schedule. First, I want to apologize to some of the bloggers for not having acknowledged their entries for the AFAM event immediately. As I mentioned in my previous post I was so busy with baking and other stuff and fell sick because of that. Anyway back to normal now and I’m thrilled to do the round up of AFAM-Pumpkin. Of course, again my husband came to my rescue and did the round up for me. This is the first time I have received so many entries for an event hosted by me. So thank you very much buddies for all your enthusiastic participation.

Here is the list of pumpkin recipes that I have received for this event and categorized as follows:


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  1. […] got the idea for pumpkin kulfi last year itself while I hosted AFAM-Pumpkin. I did try it but with canned pumpkin puree and the taste was not good. So I just abandoned the […]

  2. Thanks everybody for you enthusiastic participation in the event. My husband and myself are so glad that everybody like the presentation of the round up. Thank you very much for your encouraging words of appreciation.

  3. Nice Round up. The way you have presented is Awesome. Hats off to you for this wonderful round up and so happy that i have taken part in this round up.

  4. what a wonderful round up! I am now flooded with ideas, and have to let it all sink into my head! Great! Thanks a lot Madhuram for the round up!

  5. Awesome roundup and one of the best that I have seen. All the dishes are in one place and a neat way of categorising. Great job by both you and your husband.


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