AFAM – Pumpkin Roundup

Good Morning friends! Hope to start this new week with more energy and vigor after the past two weeks’ crazy schedule. First, I want to apologize to some of the bloggers for not having acknowledged their entries for the AFAM event immediately. As I mentioned in my previous post I was so busy with baking and other stuff and fell sick because of that. Anyway back to normal now and I’m thrilled to do the round up of AFAM-Pumpkin. Of course, again my husband came to my rescue and did the round up for me. This is the first time I have received so many entries for an event hosted by me. So thank you very much buddies for all your enthusiastic participation.

Here is the list of pumpkin recipes that I have received for this event and categorized as follows:


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  2. Lubna Karim

    Thank you. Awesome roundup.

  3. Madhuram

    Thanks everybody for you enthusiastic participation in the event. My husband and myself are so glad that everybody like the presentation of the round up. Thank you very much for your encouraging words of appreciation.

  4. Vidhya

    Nice Round up. The way you have presented is Awesome. Hats off to you for this wonderful round up and so happy that i have taken part in this round up.

  5. Lubna Karim

    I THINK YOU MISSED MY ENTRY TO THE EVENT.Please check out dear. i just sent you the entry for the second time.

  6. PG

    what a wonderful round up! I am now flooded with ideas, and have to let it all sink into my head! Great! Thanks a lot Madhuram for the round up!

  7. RedChillies

    Awesome roundup and one of the best that I have seen. All the dishes are in one place and a neat way of categorising. Great job by both you and your husband.

  8. jayasree

    Nice roundup. Liked the presentation. Got to know some new dishes with pumpkin which I can try out.

  9. Uma Maheswari

    Wht a round up….i never knew we can make so many things out of pumpkin…cool…need to try them soon

  10. Vaishali

    Madhuram, what a wonderfully comprehensive roundup, and I love how you’ve neatly categorized everything. Congratulations on a beautiful job!

  11. Uma

    Thanks for hosting such a delicious event dear! Nice round-up.

  12. yasmeen

    Delicious pumpkin entries 😛 ,I’m book marking it 🙂 .Thanks for the roundup,Madhuram.

  13. DivyA Vikram

    Very good roundup Madhu! So sweet of your hubby to do it ! Hope u are alrite now..I iked the dessert entries a lot!

  14. Kelly

    Delicious round up. I actually just bought a bounty of butternut squash because it was a fantastic price on sale at whole foods. i may have to substitute it in some of these delicious looking dishes.

  15. Madhu / Ruchii

    You guys have done a lovely job, nice round-up looks very colourful.

  16. Cham

    Wonderful round-up. I missed this event somehow 😥 All recipes re excellent 🙂

  17. anudivya

    Madhuram, great work by you and your husband! Lovely round up. I just love the format in which you have categorized and posted them. Looks so professional and neat.

  18. Priya

    Awesome roundup Madhu… can see lot of new dishes with pumpkin..bookmarked..

  19. Sweatha

    Lovely Round up,Madhu.Was wondering where were you last week.Hope you get well soon and post all the baked goodies.
    Again,thanks for the round up and happy to be a part of it.Many new dishes to try out.Thanks

  20. Lakshmi Venkatesh

    Lovely Roundup. Nice presentation. Many new dishes for me.

  21. Soma

    It is a nice way of presentation. Saw a lot of new dishes.

  22. Happy Cook

    Wonderful round up. Love the way you have presented the roundup. Had to give it a miss as the two recipes i know , i had posted last year.

  23. Aparna

    That’s quite a pumpkin round-up. I saw a few new ones like pumpkin dosa and pumpkin seed powder.
    I’ve also been seeing so many pumpkin recipes in blogworld, maybe this could be an International Pumpkin Month. 🙂