Egg Replacement Event – Silken Tofu – Round Up

Silken Tofu EventWhen I announced the Egg Replacement Event – Silken Tofu, I was not sure how the response would be. Now after receiving 12 entries and a lot more feedback I’m very glad that I’m conducting this silken tofu event. Seeing so many entries from other food bloggers also motivated me to try more recipes using silken tofu. In the course of the journey I did stumble a lot, but at the end it’s all worth it. Our blogger friends have whipped up so many dishes using tofu. Frittatas, quiche, cakes and cookies. What’s more amazing is, for most of them it’s the first time they are using silken tofu. Thank you very much friends for taking the time and interest in trying something new. I really appreciate your efforts.

This page specifically describes how to use silken tofu as an egg substitute in various baking recipes. Check out other possible egg substitute ingredients, quantity, and best suitable baking recipes here.

Spicy Delights

Cham’s Mac & Veggies Tofu Frittata

Can something as healthy as a combination of macaroni, vegetables and tofu look enticing enough for your kids to eat without fussing? Yes, if you will follow Cham’s brilliant idea of combining everything together and baking it in muffin pans. Bag these snack size vegan frittatas for a fancy and filling lunch.

Michael’s Chipotle Maple Syrup Tofu Scramble

Do you want to start your day with a colorful breakfast which looks appetizing and also tastes good? No worries, check out this vegan tofu scramble prepared by Michael for his wife Cindy on a Sunday morning. He also uses chipotle chillies, green pepper and tomatoes to jazz it up.

Sandhya’s Italian Tofu Frittata

Have you wondered how a frittata tastes, when you watch it being prepared in the cookery shows? Yes, I have! Now let’s stop wondering and start preparing it using tofu. Sandhya has whipped up a delicious Italian tofu frittata which looks exactly like the one prepared with eggs. She also tells that the cheese in the recipe can be omitted to make it a vegan frittata.

Vaishali’s Spicy Coriander Quiche

Are you in the mood for a spicy quiche? Check out Vaishali’s Spicy Vegan Coriander Quiche. I’m going to try this one just to enjoy the refreshing aroma of coriander.

Sweet Indulgences

Cindy’s Chocolate Mousse Slice

Cindy stuns us with a 100% vegan chocolate mousse slice. She uses a vegan butter (Nuttelex) to prepare the crust, fills it with a delicious spread of silken tofu and melted chocolate and tops it with cherries.

Jugalbandi’s Vegan Chocolate Rum Cake

Jai surprised Bee with this Vegan Chocolate Rum Cake on a Valentine’s Day. I can hear what you are thinking, “what’s the big deal with a chocolate cake?” In that case read the recipe once more. Yes, you read it right, it does not have oil or butter. In their words, “it’s almost fat free vegan decadence”.

Madhuram’s Eggless Chocolate Cake

This was my first experiment with silken tofu as an egg substitute and I was so thrilled that it came out very well. Moreover I baked this eggless chocolate cake for my son’s birthday and it was the first time I baked a cake for his birthday, so it was even more special to me. This one is a keeper.

Madhuram’s Eggless Brownies

After a couple of mishaps using tofu, these brownies saved the day. It can also be prepared very easily, just using one microwave safe bowl. These brownies are dense, moist and fudgy.

Madhuram’s Eggless Pound Cake

The only thing I wish I had done was, baking the pound cake for another 5-8 minutes. The pound cake tasted very good in both the ends, but the centre was not cooked completely. Otherwise, the cake was very soft, with the right amount of sweetness and a hint of vanilla.

Madhuram’s Eggless Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies

This recipe made me shout “Eureka, Eureka! I have found the perfect recipe for an eggless chewy chocolate chip cookie.” Even though these cookies are not made from scratch, I’m sure that nobody will notice it. Also it’s loaded with raisins and quick cooking oats, making it a healthy indulgence as well.

Priya’s Vegan Ragi Cookies

Are you bored of using Ragi (finger millet) flour in dosas and rotis? Don’t worry, Priya has baked eggless cookies using ragi flour and silken tofu. Now isn’t that an interesting recipe or what?

Sangeeth’s Eggless Apple and Almond Cookies

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. So do you want to include this fruit in your diet in a more appealing way? Then try Sangeeth’s Eggless Apple and Almond Cookies. It sure looks very crunchy.

Sandya’s Zesty Lemon Bars

Sandhya has baked a tangy dessert using silken tofu. She has also observed that using tofu leaves the end product moist and soggy. But she does agree that using tofu as an egg substitute is a boon for people who don’t eat eggs.

Sunshinemom’s Vegan Chocolate Pudding

Do you want a quick fix to satisfy your sweet teeth? Then whip up this easy breezy no bake chocolate pudding sent by SunshineMom. What can be more simple than blending tofu, cocoa powder, banana and sugar?

Sweatha’s Double Chocolate Brownies

Is it possible to bake brownies within 5 minutes? Sweatha has baked these delicious brownies in her microwave oven. Now you have to wait only for them to cool so that you can enjoy a quick snack under 20 minutes.

Uma’s Eggless Coconut Cookies

Are you in the mood for a nice crunchy cookie with your cup of tea in the evening? Then try these crispy coconut cookies. Uma mentions that nobody could tell that she used tofu in the cookies.

Thank you once again for participating in this event. Hope you would also send your entries for this month’s Flax Seed Meal event.

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  1. Ania

    Hi there:) Looks very simple but interesting and delicious. But this is what I love about vegan recipes! I am running to the kitchen now and bake?

  2. Margaret Alexander

    My son has not been able to eat anything with eggs in it. He is allergic to eggs. He will be so happy. Thanks

    • Madhuram

      You’re welcome Margaret.

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  4. Betty

    its a really great recipe list, keep coming, I will come here often to study. thanks!

  5. Becky

    Have you heard of an egg-less recipe for ice cream using silken tofu and lactose free milk? We are fighting egg and nut allergies and lactose intolerance. Thanks.

    Hi Becky, I saw a couple of vegan ice cream recipes in a regular ice cream book. I don’t remember the name though. I saw few recipes in the book Vegan Planet too, but have not tried it myself. I think they had used coconut milk and soy milk.

  6. cherry

    where can i buy the sliken tofu in malaysia ❓

    I have no idea Cherry. Check it out in big grocery stores.

  7. teapartylatest

    Hey, I like all your blogs, keep them coming.

  8. Authentic Chinese Recipes

    What a great recipe list, some of these are so great and thanks for sharing! 😉

  9. Stephanie

    Thank-you so much for this website. We tried your eggless chocolate cake for our son’s 3rd b-day and it was phenomenal!! Everyone at the party loved it. I am so grateful to have a cake my son can eat, that others also like…love!
    Do you have any recipes for eggless Pumpkin Pie? We are trying to figure out a recipe he can eat that we can also serve to others.
    Any suggestions?

    You’re welcome Stephanie. I’m very glad that your son enjoyed the cake. I’m giving below few links for eggless pumpkin pie, but I haven’t tried it. (you can find more in the same website)

  10. aishaa

    Really thankful for a site like this..i have tried your eggless sponge cake and to my surprise it came out well..though am trying it for the first my next attempt is to make your eggless pound cake with a silken tofu..but i have got only ‘Azumaya tofu’. Please suggest whether i can add the same for the one mentioned by u as silken tofu. If so then i can start my preparation now itself..

    thank you

    Hi Aisha, thanks for trying the recipes. I googled and found that Azumaya is a brand, so I’m sure you can use it too. Look for silken tofu in that brand. The only issue with this recipe is because of the tofu the pound cake may be quite dense and chances are it may not be fully baked in the middle. So baked it for extra 3-5 minutes than the time I have mentioned, cool the cake completely on a wire rack (I think overnight should also be fine) and then slice it. Or else try 1/4 cup pureed tofu, 1/3 cup soy milk and 1/2 teaspoon baking soda instead of 3/4 cup tofu I have mentioned and follow the same cooling/slicing tips.

  11. Rene

    Please let me know where I can get the Silken Tofu in Johannesburg. I am getting visitors from Australia end of March and one couple is vegan. I entend to surprize them with homemade vegan food. Thanks for great information.

    Hi Rene, sorry I’m clueless. Did you try googling or the big grocery stores there? I’m going to post another chocolate cake using vinegar. It’s in the fridge yet to be tasted, finished the frosting yesterday night. If it’s good I’ll post it and maybe you could bake that if you don’t get silken tofu.

  12. Srivalli

    Madhuram..this is surely one the of the best!..hats off to you in conducting such a useful event!

  13. mahima

    thanks madhu for the lovely roundup 🙂 🙂

  14. Purnima

    Madhu, the layout for roundup is simply beautiful! The event members hv given such lovely inputs including yours! tks for sharing this! Hv a gr8 wkend!

  15. G.Pavani

    ooh! so many mouthwatering recipes…..

  16. Cindy

    That was fun, and I have some great new recipes bookmarked to try! Thanks for hosting this event, Madhuram. 🙂

  17. Rashmi

    Brilliant idea, fabulous round up and excellent design. Many thanks kudos to you and your hubby

  18. Roma

    I think its a really nice idea to start a series of events on egg replacement. I never knew that one could make so many yummy desserts and pies without egg.

    Godd work here, Madhu.

  19. jayasree

    Beatifull roundup. Well presented. Nice to see many eggless recipes at one place.

  20. Bharti

    Lovely round up and way to present it! Thanks for all the experiments using silken tofu.

  21. Manasi

    Oh no… I missed it 🙁
    got caught up with the baby 🙂

    AWESOME roundup M!!

  22. Uma

    well done Madhu! this is a wonderful roundup. well presented. thanks for hosting this.

  23. sunshinemom

    What a beautiful way to present the round up! A bit thanks to you and your husband too:)

  24. Vaishali

    Nice roundup, Madhuram. So many great dishes to try!

  25. Cham

    Thanks for ur husb for the neat design round-up! All entries are unique. Such a useful page for those who don’t eat egg or cannot!
    Kudos for the idea 🙂 and will see the next healthy challenge!

  26. sangeeth

    yey! I have the list now….thanks shweety for this great round up…cant wait for the next one….

  27. anudivya

    Lovely! There are somethings I am definitely trying. Sadly I wasn’t able to participate, since I haven’t used silken tofu in particular a lot. 🙁

  28. Happy Cook

    I am shocked to know that these delicious desserts are made without eggs. A really good idea.
    I should keep this in mind.

  29. Sweatha

    Nice round up,Thanks

  30. Priya

    Awesome roundup Madhu..each n every dish looks delicious…a lovely collection of recipes with silken tofu..bookmarked..