Eggless Oatmeal Cookies

If eating plain old oatmeal is boring, then why not try these oatmeal cookies instead? Some of these cookies are healthy enough to be part of your breakfast.

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  1. Katherine A Johnson

    Can’t wait to make the eggless oatmeal cookies. Being allergic to Eggs, chicken and turkey, I am always interested when I find a new recipe to add to my recipe box. I am looking forward to other eggless recipes as well the ones that do not have any chicken or turkey in them.

    • Madhuram

      Please do try it and let me know Katherine. Happy eggless baking.

  2. Katherine A Johnson

    I am allergic to eggs turkey and chicken, so when I find a recipe that does not have eggs we all are happy to try out a new recipe. I am going to try out the eggless oatmeal cookies, for two reasons:

    1] my husband loves oatmeal cookies and they have no oatmeal cookies in this state that I can’t find, and if I do find an oatmeal cookie in the store it has eggs.
    2] I also love oatmeal cookies and have not had one in over 35 years.

    So we both are going to be very happy tonight when I serve my husband with milk and oatmeal cookies after dinner.

    • Madhuram

      Wow! first time oatmeal cookies in 35 years! That’s a lot of pressure on my recipe 😉 Hope it turned out good.

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