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    Genesis – Mashed Bananas

    During my initial egg free baking days I thought only mashed bananas worked as an egg substitute. I remember when I was mashing it up and using it in almost all of my muffin, cake and quick bread recipes to only find out that everything smelled and tasted the same because of the banana. Whether it was carrot cake, chocolate chip muffins or zucchini quick bread all had the strong flavor of bananas. It really didn’t feel like I was trying new recipes. Then with further exploration I came to now about the magic ingredient, unsweetened applesauce, that is!

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    Magic Ingredient – Applesauce!

    Yes it felt like magic for me because, it was readily available in the store, I didn’t have to spend time preparing it. But note that it’s not a big deal either. Those who cannot find it ready-made, it’s as easy as or even easier than making mashed potatoes. It works as an excellent fat and/or egg substitute like flaxseed meal. Same with any other fruit puree too. But applesauce, mashed bananas are quite common and to some extent prune puree too, especially in chocolate based cakes/cupcakes or muffins.

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    Where to buy and how to preserve it?

    Unsweetened applesauce is available in the grocery aisle where you can find canned fruits, puddings etc. Name brand or store brand doesn’t really matter. But if buying it from the store I prefer buying organic because apples is one of the fruits listed in the “dirty dozen”, the fruits/vegetables which is recommended to be consumed organic. Also avoid getting the bottled ones because it’s really big and however careful you be to use dry spoon it tends to go bad with fungus growth. So I prefer getting the ones in plastic cups. Each cup has exactly 1/2 cup of applesauce which you would most probably use it all in the recipe.

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    Pureed Fruits As An Egg Substitute

    Whatever pureed fruit you choose to use, the measurement is 1/4 cup of the mashed/pureed fruit for each egg to be replaced. I also slightly increase the quantity of baking powder, maybe up to 1/4th of a teaspoon while using pureed fruit because the baked treat tends to be dense otherwise. I would use this as an egg substitute it recipes which calls for 2-3 eggs at most.

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    Pureed Fruits As Fat Substitute

    Do not use pureed fruit measure to measure while substituting for the fat in the recipe. The baked good will turn out to be very heavy. You can use it to replace 50% of the fat content if you are not big on the texture. Otherwise the safe bet would be using it to replace up to 1/3rds of the fat in the original recipe. Also remember that because of the moisture content of the fruit, this substitute is preferably good in cakes, muffins and quick breads and in cookies if you don’t mind or want soft cookies.

How to use Pureed Fruits as replacement for eggs?

ApplesauceMashed bananas, unsweetened applesauce, pureed prunes, plumped raisins, and softened dates are some of the ways how fruit purees can be used as an egg replacement.

1/4 cup applesauce (or pureed fruit) for each egg. Increase leavening by adding 1/4 teaspoon baking powder. Bake items slightly longer, if necessary. 1/4 cup of applesauce can also be used as a fat substitute in baking recipes.

Not just mashed fruits but vegetables like pumpkin puree, sweet potato, avocado can also be used as substitutes for eggs while baking.

With pureed fruits, baked goods won’t brown as deeply, but they will be very moist and heavy. Pureed fruit works well for cakes, quick bread & brownies.

Pureed Fruits Recipes

Here is the full list of baking recipes that use Pureed Fruit such as applesauce, mashed banana, etc in place of an egg.

Sugar Free, Fat Free, Vegan Carrot Cake (Naturally Sweetened, No Added Fat)

(from 32 reviews)
Unbelievably delicious sugar free, fat free, vegan carrot cake made with whole wheat flour.

Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins

(from 81 reviews)
Don't throw away those over ripe bananas sitting on the counter. Bake these very simple yet delicious chocolate chip banana muffins and I promise that you will stop eating bananas to let them ripe to make these muffins over and over again.

Chocolate Layer Cake

(from 29 reviews)
Special occasions call for a special treat and this chocolate layer cake should be it. I bet you would wonder why do we need eggs to bake a delicious and decadent cake once you try this recipe.

Vegan Chocolate Banana Cake

(from 32 reviews)
Have over-ripe bananas sitting in the counter and bored of preparing the same old banana bread once again? Then try this rich and moist vegan chocolate banana cake. The flavor of bananas is very mild that you will hardly notice it. Also a piece of this cake is a sinless indulgence because it is low in fat and 100% whole grain too.
vegan mango cake

Vegan Mango Cake

(from 26 reviews)
Wondering how to make eggless mango cake? I've got the perfect recipe for you. Easy to bake vegan mango cake recipe using simple ingredients but big on taste and texture.

Tutti Frutti Cake

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If you are of Indian origin, I think you will feel the same way I feel about tutti frutti (it's candied peel for Americans)....

Low Fat Blueberry Coffee Cake

(from 21 reviews)
Are you looking for a coffee cake without eggs recipe? Do you have blueberries at home? Then you are in the right place. This egg free blueberry coffee cake recipe will become a sure hit in your house because of it's rich taste yet light and tender texture and amazing taste.

Vegan Date Cake

(from 13 reviews)
Vegan dates cake? Does it sound healthy? Does it sound not so tasty? You are absolutely wrong. This is the simplest cake recipe one can bake and I can assure you that it's unbelievably moist and tasty.

Orange Blueberry Bread

(from 7 reviews)
Can you believe that light, moist, and fluffy blueberry bread like this can be egg free and low-fat too? Perfect for summertime picnics, this orange-blueberry bread will definitely be a crowd-pleaser. I would suggest lining the loaf pan with parchment paper so that you can remove the bread from the pan within a span of 15-20 minutes.

Wholesome Vegan Oat Bran Muffins

(from 14 reviews)
It's difficult to believe that these delicious muffins are vegan and loaded with a lot of healthy ingredients including oat bran.

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