Announcing Egg Replacement Event – Egg Replacer Powder

Egg Replacer

In the past 4 months we have baked a lot of goodies using silken tofu, flax seed powder and pureed fruit as egg substitutes. This month I’m calling all of you to bake with egg replacer powder like EnerG. I see that more people are using the commercial egg replacer powder and EnerG in particular these days. I for one do not have any experience baking with EnerG. I did buy a packet 3 months back, but have not opened it until now.

I think there are 2 brands of commercial egg replacer powder available. One being EnerG and the other one Bob’s Red Mill. I was able to find EnerG in the regular grocery store in the natural foods/organic aisle. Alternatively you can buy it online from Amazon or directly from the manufacturer itself.

EnerG is a combination of potato starch, tapioca flour and leavening agents. It’s dairy free too. The packet comes with instructions and recipe ideas.

Instructions for use: EnerG suggests 1 and 1/2 teaspoons powder mixed in 2 tablespoons warm water in place of 1 egg. Food allergies cookbook author Carol Fenster recommends using 2-3 times as much powder in the same amount of water for better results. She also mentions to whip the mixture in a food processor or blender for 30 seconds for added lightness. EnerG also suggests that it works best in scratch recipes and not in all store bought mixes. Trial and error is the only way to determine its effectiveness with a particular mix. Detailed information on measuring the powder and substituting it for egg whites, egg yolks is also available in the packet.

Now for the rules of the event:

1. Bake/cook anything from cookies, cakes, cupcakes, muffins, breads, tarts, pies, etc using EnerG or any other commercial egg replacer powder and post about it in your blog between Jan 6th 2009 and Feb 10th 2009. It can be anything sweet, salty or spicy.

2. Post the recipe in your blog, with a picture and link back to this post. Also feel free to share your experiences and tips while using the substitute regardless of the outcome. This would provide the much needed insight about that particular egg substitute.

3. Since the idea behind the event is to help those who are searching for tried and tested eggless baking recipes, you can also send me the recipes which you have posted earlier in your blog using EnerG as an egg substitute. Reposting is not necessary, but link it to this event. That being said, I would really appreciate if you could try new recipes too and post it, because eggless recipes are never enough.

4. Also multiple entries are welcome more than ever for this event.

5. Email me your name, blog URL, name of the recipe, recipe URL, photo in 150wx120h size to ere(at) with EnerG as the subject.

6. Non bloggers are also welcome to send your recipes, tips and picture of your creation and I will include it in the round up.

7. Last date to send your entries is the 10th of Feb 2009

Check here for the round up of recipes using EnerG egg replacer as an egg substitute.

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  5. jayne garnahm

    the egg replacement powder we have available in the uk is called”alergycare vegan whole egg”
    the instructions tell you to add the powder to the flour in its dry form and then 70ml`s of water per 20g of powder at the end of the mixing heres the thing i am a cupcake shop and have adapted this recipie to make the perfect fluffy,moist cupcake in any flavour….but one of my staff comited me in my abscence to make a 12″ birthday cake,egg free,the adapted cupcake recipie just does not work,aparantly the bigger the cake the more problematic! have so far baked and thrown away no less than 6 cakes all veryheavy and have a texture somewhat like undercooked bread definatly giving my custoer this less than perfect cake. have re-adapted for the fourth time and it bakes whilst i nearly cry with frustration.will keep all posted if i finally turn out two perfect sponge layers to begin assembly and decoration,fingers crossed hey

  6. Vegan Apple Cake Recipe | Madhuram's Eggless Cooking

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  7. Annu

    Sorry no pictures of the gingerbread cookies. Also I used the ener-g as per the pack directions 1&1/2 teaspoons in 2tbsp warm water. Hope this helps.

    That’s ok Annu. I have also started using EnerG as per the instructions and getting good results.

  8. Srivalli

    Never heard of this..looking fwd to the roundup!

    I think it’s available only in North America.

  9. Sumathi

    First time at your blog.. really enjoyed ur great recpies.. am a big fan of egg replacer .. so would send in my entries…

  10. 9to5to9

    I’ve used Ener-G Egg and Bob’s Red Mill in cakes, with great success. There’s a learning curve, though, because a straight-up replacer-for-egg substitute NEVER works for me.

    After a year or so, you’ll pretty much be able to get it right the first time. That first year of converting recipes could be filled with some spectacular disasters, such as the one that left me weeping at 3 a.m. the day of my egg-allergic son’s first birthday. Keep trying, and you WILL get there, though.

    A few things I’ve learned:

    They don’t rise quite as high as the egg version, though I’ve never tried the doubling trick and am eager to see if that helps.

    You have to make sure you also adjust the amount of liquid. Ener-G egg calls for 2 tablespoons of water (1/8 cup), while an egg equals 4 tablespoons of liquid (1/4 cup). You have to make up the difference. I usually add extra milk, shortening or butter, though sometimes on pound cakes I’ll use sour cream or yogurt for a firmer texture.

    Egg-free cakes are lower fat, so to avoid sticking I first coat the pan with baking spray, line the bottom with parchment paper and then spray the parchment.

    Thanks for sponsoring this event, Madhuram. I have a butter cake recipe I’m going to post later today, and I’ll be sure to pass along the link.

    Thank you very much Debra for this detailed info. on Ener-G. As you have mentioned my first experiment with Ener-G yesterday was not that good. You are exactly right with the liquid adjustment. The cookies I baked was not a total disaster, I did add some soy milk to get the recommended consistency, but the cookies were not perfect. I again tried another recipe and that came out fine, which I will also be posting shortly. Thanks once again.

  11. Annu

    I used enerG as egg replacer and made gingerbread cookies following the recipe on kraft foods website. they turned out really nice.

    Annu, if you have taken pictures of the cookies send it to me. I’ll include it in the round up.

  12. Vaishali

    Madhuram, I’ve fallen behind in participating in your wonderful egg-replacement events, but the baking gods must be on my side for this one. Believe it or not, just yesterday I picked up egg replacer powder at Whole Foods on a whim. Count me in!

  13. Soma

    I have never tried these replacements… Should get bold & give it a try.

  14. Bharti

    I actually have not tried it in cakes, but that’s ’cause I read a lot of reviews online saying that it wasn’t so great in cakes. Plus my regular eggless recipe serves me just fine. I did need a good binder for cookies and this worked out great.

  15. anudivya

    Never heard or used egg replacer powder… I will be looking out for it on the “Bob Mill” flour section… I am curious to use it.

  16. Usha

    Sounds like a fun event, let me see if I can come up with something nice for it. I tried your jello pudding mix cookies, they came out very well, we loved it.

    Usha, thanks for trying out the cookies.

  17. Bharti

    Oh this stuff works beautifully for cookies like choc chip or oatmeal raisin. And I agree that you need to use double the quantity. So if a recipe calls for 1 egg, use double of what the box recommends as one egg.
    I’m gonna try to participate in this one.

    Have you tried it in cakes?

  18. Deepa

    Hi Madhu, We recently baked Gingerbread Cookies using Organic EGg Replacer, and were not too pleased. Details soon…–Deepa

    Will check it out Deepa. I have to try it.

  19. Cilantro

    I do not bake much but would love to see recipes with egg replacer.

  20. Srimathi


    Its been so long since I did take part any blog event. I love the recipes you have posted over the last 2 months. The photos look amazing.I will look for the egg substitute in my local store and try to prepare something.

    Thanks Srimathi. Hope you can participate.

  21. Sweatha

    I thought energ is made with egg whites.Did not know about potato starch+tapioca flour.Since I thght they were egg whites I do not buy it.Thanks for the info.I will check out.I was looking for egg white replacer.

    Sure Sweatha. Hope it works out well.

  22. Asha

    Great replacement for people who don’t eat eggs. Enjoy hosting! :))

    Thanks Asha. I read about the extended renovation project in your house. All the best.

  23. Pracheta Sharma

    I subscribe to your newsletter…must say your recipes are always delicious & I always open my mailbox hoping for a new post.
    Can u please put the name of the dish in the email subject line cause it always says eggless recipe… I save all the recipes in the folder but when i want any recipe from ur newsletter I have to go through all the mails one by one.

    That was so nice of you Pracheta. Thank you very much for your kind words of appreciation and for the wonderful idea. I’ll see what I can do about it.