Here is a collection of baking and cooking recipes using pistachio as one of the ingredients. This page will be updated on regular basis.

Tofu Mango Pudding

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A very easy recipe to prepare a mango pudding using silken tofu.

Pumpkin Kulfi

If you love kulfi, you will definitely love this pumpkin kulfi too.

Eggless Chocolate Zucchini Cake

(from 13 reviews)
This is not your usual chocolate cake. Grated zucchini makes this cake moist and whole wheat pastry flour makes it very healthy.

Vegan Whole Wheat Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

(from 4 reviews)
Loaded with chocolate chips, cranberries and pistachios, this cookie will be a definite hit with your family and friends.

How To Make Delicious Pistachio Ice Cream At Home?

(from 3 reviews)
Beat the heat with this rich and creamy eggless pistachio ice cream loaded with finely chopped pistachios which enhances the flavor and texture of the ice cream.
Pistachio Cake

The BEST Pistachio Cake Recipe

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This is the best and moist eggless pistachio cake you will ever bake! White cake mix, instant pistachio pudding mix and a secret ingredient make it a hit!

No-Bake Fruit and Nut Cookies

Reach for this fruity and nutty treat whenever you feel like grabbing a chocolate bar and avoid feeling guilty after.

Eggless Christmas Fruitcake Cookies

(from 2 reviews)
Are you running short on time to bake a fruitcake for Christmas? Don't worry, bake these rich and buttery fruitcake cookies instead and get a ton of compliments.
Green Peas Kheer

Gorgeous Green Peas Kheer

Serve this gorgeous green peas kheer in your next potluck and be prepared with a notepad to write out the recipe and to accept the lovely compliments you will be getting all day.

Delicious Zucchini Kheer

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Zucchini is not only for pasta dishes and curries anymore! You can make this tasty and traditional Indian dessert kheer, using it. Sounds too good to be true, right!?