Here is a collection of baking and cooking recipes using white rice as one of the ingredients. This page will be updated on regular basis.

Colorful Cocktail Idlis

Turn boring idlis into something colorful and interesting both kids and adults can enjoy.

Fat Free Okra Fries

(from 8 reviews)
Crispy and fat free okra fries made in the microwave oven.
Rice Flour Puttu

Rice Flour Puttu Recipe

This is the recipe to prepare the traditional South Indian (Tamil Nadu) style Puttu, using rice flour, jaggery and coconut.

Toasted Rice Powder aka Pela Pindi

A recipe to prepare authentic toasted rice powder.

Fiber and Protein packed Chickpeas Idli and Plum Thokku (Pickle)

Turn ordinary idlis into a powerhouse of fiber and proteins by adding 2 cups of mashed chickpeas.

Soy Beans Crepes (Dosa)

Unbelievably soft soy beans dosas.

Brown Rice Idlis

Here comes another whole grain idli recipe. The first one I posted was using whole cornmeal and in this recipe I have used long grain brown rice. For the quantity of brown rice I have used, surprisingly these idlis were very soft and had a texture similar to that of idlis prepared with white rice.

Super Soft Sponge Pumpkin Dosa

Turn meal time into fun time by preparing these colorful dosas using a variety of vegetables and greens.
Brown Rice Okra Dosa

Brown Basmati Rice and Okra Dosa

Make fiber-rich brown basmati rice dosa batter with pureed raw okra pieces. Trust me it wouldn't taste, smell or look weird! Makes soft or crispy dosas!

Egg Substitute 101