EnerG Egg Replacer Recipes - Round Up

Egg ReplacerYet another time my food blogging buddies have whipped up some amazing goodies to make the EnerG egg replacer event a huge success. When I chose egg replacer powder (EnerG) as the egg substitute for last month's theme, I was really not sure if they would take the trouble to find it, buy it and bake with it. Boy was I wrong! The entries have poured in more than ever this time. Many of them have sent more than 3 entries. I thank each and everyone of you for such an enthusiastic participation.

This page specifically describes how to use Ener-G Replacer as an egg substitute in various baking recipes. Check out other possible egg substitute ingredients, quantity, and best suitable baking recipes here.

Priya has outnumbered her previous record by sending 10 entries this time. I can't appreciate her enough for taking the trouble to get the egg substitute powder and baking so many delicious and healthy treats with it, when she usually bakes with eggs. Debra, another amazing egg free baker has sent 5 entries. It's difficult to believe that the amazing cakes she bakes and decorates are eggless. Look it for yourself. Vaishali a compassionate cook, who bakes healthy and delicious vegan treats has sent 4 entries. Sweatha, another buddy of mine managed to bake in the midst of a big move and has sent 3 gorgeous treats. Dhanya, a cake decorating pro has sent 2 entries. Pavithra, Uma and Libby have sent 1 entry each.


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  1. Oh, Madhuram, such a lovely, lovely roundup. I am so happy you included those cookies– I just dashed off an email but you’d already beaten me to it! Thank you! And thanks for all these delicious recipes.

    You’re welcome Vaishali. I didn’t want to deprive the egg free bakers by not posting those lovely cookies.

  2. No fair, as my 3-year-old says. I should not have come over here after skipping breakfast, because now I’m starving and it’s not for a healthy bowl of oatmeal. 🙂 I’ve been in a bit of a baking slump lately, but I think this snapped me right out of it.

    Next up: Breaking out the vinegar. I haven’t used it a lot, though I love the idea because it’s so readily available. Can’t wait to get back in the kitchen!

    Thanks to you, Madhuram, and everyone who contributed. Great stuff here!

    Hope you can come up with some awesome recipes using vinegar too!

  3. Somebody asked me for a replacement ingredients for eggs and I chased her here to your blog, hope she is happy now! 😀

    These are really yummy. I have never tried to replace eggs, so it’s amazing to see these.

    Thanks Asha for the PR work.

  4. Madhu, We made your recent dasa/adai recipe (cracked wheat). That, and the vegetarian chili -> are my favorites!

    Thank you very much Deepa.


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