Eggless Bar/Brownie Recipes


Here is the list of eggless brownies and eggless bars that I tried and came out good. All these eggless brownie recipes have step-by-step procedure with pictures. Check them out.



  1. Surely then I could just take any recipe if I am just using egg substitutes – I want a recipe that I can make using the ingredients in my cupboard but not using eggs…

  2. I’ve made cakes in the microwave before with fairly decent results. They work best in round pans. If you have something that you can stick in the center of the pan so it is similar to a bundt pan, that is ideal (Tupperware sells a set of microwave cookware that can be used for this purpose, but it can be pricy). When you cook things in the microwave instead of the oven, they take about 25% of the time, so a cake that says bake for 32 minutes in the oven, start checking at 8 minutes, maybe even 7.

  3. Hi,
    i wanted to know that should eggless brownie recipes contain baking powder and baking soda… i want chewy and fudgy brownies and not cake like brownies… can i just omit the leavenings and get a fudgy brownie…

  4. Hi madhu I tried to submit a recipe but I guess I could not attach the recipe. how would I write the recipe please let me know.